Brunswick Forest Gets 1Gbps Fiber Service

August 29, 2014
Brunswick Forest

Wilmington Business Journal
By: Vicky Janowski

Brunswick Forest officials recently announced that the residential area is now tapped into a full fiber optic broadband service with the ability to deliver Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

The service, through ATMC’s FOCUS, is not a shared bandwidth connection.

“The introduction of FOCUS service in Brunswick Forest makes it one of the first communities in North Carolina to have 1 Gbps Internet speeds available to its residents,” according to a news release. “One Gbps of Internet speed is equivalent to 1,000 megabits, making it up to 20 times faster than the fastest speeds currently offered to residential customers in the Wilmington area.”

Brunswick County-based ATMC plans to deploy to new developments rather than retrofitting an existing development with copper or coax cable, according to its website. The company lists a number of Brunswick County neighborhoods where the service is available.