New Happenings: Farmers Markets Are Back Open

May 10, 2021

The greater Wilmington area is known for its abundance of entertainment and dining options. Traditionally there has been so much to do in and around our community of Brunswick Forest. Due to COVID, 2020 was a year of limited activities, but now we are seeing a gradual resurgence of entertainment and shopping in 2021! Farmers Markets are a favorite local attraction that is making a big comeback and we are… [Read More…]

Paddle Paddle Paddle: Kayaking at Brunswick Forest

May 5, 2021

Imagine that you are outside on a warm spring day in Brunswick Forest. You’re in your vessel gliding along a body of tranquil water. As you move through the pristine water two great blue herons fly overhead, fish are jumping, and turtles are basking in the sun on a sandy bank. This is the sort of feeling kayaking at Brunswick Forest can bring you, and now is the perfect time… [Read More…]

Wilmington, North Carolina: Quality of Life That Goes a Long Way

May 3, 2021

When it comes to retirement or relocation, you will often hear people talk about how they’ve improved their quality of life. Wilmington, North Carolina is a prime example of an area that can positively impact your life in many ways. The location here on the coast offers a plentiful and diverse natural landscape to include our white-sand beaches, convenient living and some of the best air quality in the entire… [Read More…]

A Home with Real Soul: The Biscayne III by Liberty Homes

April 30, 2021

Liberty Homes is one of the many builders here at Brunswick Forest who always goes above and beyond in their floor plans. The Biscayne III is a fantastic example of this philosophy in practice. Located at 8114 Manassas Lake Lane, the Biscayne III is a single-family home that is all about details, space, and craftsmanship. It’s no wonder that this home just achieved the Gold award in the Wilmington-Cape Fear… [Read More…]

Feeling Fine with a Glass of Wine: Spring Wines to Enjoy

April 28, 2021

After all the challenges that the previous year has brought, you could use a little something special in your glass! Wine has a special place in North Carolina, playing a big role in social culture and our economy. Once plentiful in tobacco farms, many North Carolina fields are now mostly being converted into vineyards. When North Carolinians think of grapes and wine, they usually think of Duplin Winery just outside… [Read More…]