Live Where You Play: The Peninsula at Cape Fear National

May 14, 2021

Located in a pristine enclave at Cape Fear National, The Peninsula will be as beautiful as the golf course it’s located on. Golf course homes offer many advantages, including water, golf, and nature views. The features and benefits at one of Brunswick Forest’s most exclusive neighborhoods, the Peninsula, is unmatched. The homes and homesites located on Cape Fear National, are considered some of the most desirable in Brunswick Forest. These… [Read More…]

The Time to Retire is Now! Make Brunswick Forest Your Home

May 12, 2021

More than ever, a growing number of people are considering early retirement. That includes 2.7 million Americans aged 55 and older according to sources like If you’re looking to retire in paradise, Brunswick Forest is perfect for those who want it all. Living in Southeastern North Carolina has great benefits that can improve your quality of life. The significant number of outdoor activities, clean air, pristine beaches, and convenient… [Read More…]

New Happenings: Farmers Markets Are Back Open

May 10, 2021

The greater Wilmington area is known for its abundance of entertainment and dining options. Traditionally there has been so much to do in and around our community of Brunswick Forest. Due to COVID, 2020 was a year of limited activities, but now we are seeing a gradual resurgence of entertainment and shopping in 2021! Farmers Markets are a favorite local attraction that is making a big comeback and we are… [Read More…]

Paddle Paddle Paddle: Kayaking at Brunswick Forest

May 5, 2021

Imagine that you are outside on a warm spring day in Brunswick Forest. You’re in your vessel gliding along a body of tranquil water. As you move through the pristine water two great blue herons fly overhead, fish are jumping, and turtles are basking in the sun on a sandy bank. This is the sort of feeling kayaking at Brunswick Forest can bring you, and now is the perfect time… [Read More…]

Wilmington, North Carolina: Quality of Life That Goes a Long Way

May 3, 2021

When it comes to retirement or relocation, you will often hear people talk about how they’ve improved their quality of life. Wilmington, North Carolina is a prime example of an area that can positively impact your life in many ways. The location here on the coast offers a plentiful and diverse natural landscape to include our white-sand beaches, convenient living and some of the best air quality in the entire… [Read More…]