Family Dog Naturals Keeps Your Dog Active

November 24, 2020

What can you say about dogs that everyone does not know already? They are loyal, funny, intelligent, fuzzy, and have been beloved companions for generations. Fortunately for residents at Brunswick Forest, Family Dog Naturals has everything you need to keep your pooches happy and healthy in The Villages Town Center! Betsy and David Head, when creating their local business, had only one thing in mind; to provide dogs with better… [Read More…]

Climate Controlled and Ready to Go! AA Storage

November 19, 2020

Storage needs are essential for those moving to a new area, remodeling, or consolidating. Some of your items may need a little more specific care than others, so you must be careful where you store them. Luckily for Brunswick Forest residents, The Villages Town Center has a AA Storage that offers them plenty of high-quality storage that is climate controlled for those items that need extra love. What is climate-controlled… [Read More…]

Fall Gardening: African Violets with Julie Holloman

October 30, 2020

It may be surprising for some but caring for a garden this time of year is more than possible! For Brunswick Forest Resident, Julie Holloman, one of the most rewarding flowers that you can grow are African Violets. To ensure you are rewarded for your gardening patience, Julie has shared some helpful tips! The close-knit community lifestyle is one that is not unfamiliar to Julie. Originally from Macclesfield, North Carolina,… [Read More…]

Pushing Forward with Josh London

October 1, 2020

Josh London of State Farm Insurance has been helping residents in greater Wilmington for many years now. Aside from offering insurance and financial advice to residents around The Villages at Brunswick Forest, Josh London is also frequently seen on social media. He is well known for his dedication to the community and supporting local charitable causes. Now we speak with Josh on his views regarding the recent situation regarding COVID-19,… [Read More…]

Bill Wisniewski's Trophy Case - Car Show Victories

Born to Drive: Interview with Car Enthusiast Bill Wisniewski

September 2, 2020

Brunswick Forest resident William “Bill” Wisniewski is something of a hot-rodder in his neighborhood. A man who has always been around and in love with cars all his life, Bill currently holds a great passion for his 2006 C6 Corvette. His reverence for vehicles is well known throughout the community, and we recently sat down with him to discuss what keeps his passions alive. At first glance, you would not… [Read More…]